Gona Bring the Bling

 Gona Bring The Bling

“Bling” is a sorrel Appaloosa gelding foaled in 2012.  His name fits him perfectly, because his white stockings, blaze and blanket make him very striking, with plenty of eye appeal. Bling is still young and does not have much experience yet, but is just the sort of horse that more advanced students enjoy training.  He responds best to a calm and confident rider/handler.  Joan Marshall donated Bling to us.

Registered Name:  Gona Bring The Bling

Barn Name:  Bling

Breed:  Appalosa

Registration #:671739

Sire:  Gonna Claim The Fame  #649913

Dam:  Impeccable Notions  #572112

Date Foaled:  4-7-2012

Sex: Gelding

Color:  White over body and hips/ Blaze/Snip on Lower Lip/LF – Partial stocking/ LH – Stocking/ RF – Stocking/Few Chestnut or Sorrel Spots