Designer Charicature

 Designer Charicature

“Des” is an AHA gelding foaled in 2008.  He is very intelligent, and once he trusts you, he will go to the ends of the earth to please you.  His mouth is sensitive and his gaits are soft, so he is truly a pleasure to ride.  Des is quick-footed and extremely athletic.  The sky is the limit for this gelding.  Des came to us from Jackie Lee Jackson.

Registered Name:  Designer Charicature

Barn Name: Des

Breed:   Appaloosa

Registration #: 657860

Sire:  Charicature  #577227

Dam:  Designer Debutante  #572053

Date Foaled:  3-28-2008

Sex:  Gelding

Color:  Chestnut or Sorrel

Markings:  White with spots over back and hips.  Star. Stripe and snip. RF Partial. Half stocking/RH- partial stocking.