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Animal Science Prepares You Professionally for the Future 

Your interest in animals and science may hold the key to an exciting future in the animal industry - a field that includes a wide variety of career choices. As a U of A graduate with a degree in Animal Science, you'll join a group that finds good jobs and productive careers. 


What about Salary?

  • B.S. -  average of $37,500
  • M.S. - average of $58,000
  • Ph.D. - greater than $70,000
  • 2.8% unemployment rate


Pre-veterinary medicine is one of the most popular majors among Animal Science students. Gaining admission to a veterinary school after 4 years of college preparation requires high academic performance with a solid background in science. More than 70% of pre-professional animal science students who apply are accepted to a veterinary school

There are many advanced opportunities for students who continue their education. A student attaining an advanced degree will have a choice of careers in University research and teaching, developing new products in private industry, or working as a nutritionist among other options. 


Pre-Professional Career Opportunities

  • Veterinarian

  • Medical Doctor

  • Dentistry

  • Researcher or teacher


Animal scientists are highly educated and trained professionals in a broad variety of related careers. Domestic animals are a valuable resource; they provide people with clothing, medicine, transportation, food, recreation, companionship, employment and research models.

 As technology advances, animal scientists trained in business management, communications, genetics, physiology, animal health, nutrition and meats must continuously be updated to maintain a profitable livestock industry.


Animal Science Career Opportunities

  • Ranch and farm management

  • Unit managers (cattle, swine, sheep, horses)


Livestock and Meat Marketing
  • Live animal and meat marketing

  • State and federal market news reporters

  • Livestock sale/auction management

  • Federal meat graders

  • Federal and state meat inspectors

  • Meat buyers and managers for food chains


Meat Processing
  • Commercial slaughter and processing

  • Quality control supervisors

  • Production managers

  • Equipment and ingredient sales and service

  • New product development


Public Relations and Promotion
  • Breed associations

  • Breeding services

  • Commodity groups

  • Livestock publications

  • Private consultants


Agricultural Finance
  • Farm Credit Service

  • Commercial banks

  • Agricultural insurance


  • Feed

  • Pharmaceutical and animal health

  • Livestock supply distributors

  • Semen sales and A.I. service

  • Feedmill management

  • Feed, supply retail store sales and management

  • Field service technicians


Government Agencies
  • United States Department of Agriculture

  • State Department of Agriculture

  • Cooperative Extension