Equine Judging

  horse judging team ohio 2014

 The UA Equine Judging Team: Coach Casey Orr, Rylie Bevill, Mike Schultz, Becca Schlote, Travis Hefley and Lauren Cheevers placed third overall at the All-American Quarter Horse Congress Collegiate Judging Contest in Columbus, Ohio.



2014 Season Brought Big Wins

The Department of Animal Science’s horse judging team proved their talent at a national competition on Oct. 15 in Columbus, Ohio.

 “The All-American Quarter Horse Congress Collegiate Judging Contest was a big and important test for us,” Coach Casey Orr said, and his team rose to the occasion. The competition included halter, performance and reasons divisions. The team placed third overall, finishing only one point behind the first and second place teams, who were tied in points.

 In a field of 14 teams, the team was first high team in performance, second high team in reasons and third high team in halter. “All of these team wins are propelled by the incredible individual performances the team had,” Orr said. In each division, the team had no less than two members finish in the top 10, and claimed the individual overall winner. The individual team accomplishments include:

  • Becca Schlote (Flippin, Ark.) was the high individual overall ; finishing seventh in halter; second in performance; and sixth in reasons;
  • Mike Schultz (Stillwater, Okla.)  first in reasons , third in halter, 12th in performance and placed seventh high overall individual;
  • Rylie Bevill (Calico Rock, Ark.)  finished 18th in halter, fourth in performance, 12th in reasons and ranked fourth high overall out of 74 students;
  • Lauren Cheevers  (Fayetteville, Ark.) placed 47th in halter, 32nd in performance, 26th in reasons and ranked 32nd overall; and
  • Travis Hefley (Fayetteville, Ark.) was 29th in halter, 55th in performance, 22nd in reasons and ranked 40th overall.

This is the first complete judging season for the team, and it was competing at a national level with some of the best teams in the country.  “I am proud of this team,” Orr said. “They earned this major win and proved that the University of Arkansas judging team is a strong contender.”



The Horse Judging team participated in several competitions including:

  • Spring Judging Contest
  • Tulsa State Fair
  • All American Quarter Horse Congress
  • AQHA World Show