Pre-Vet Club

The purpose of this organization is to familiarize students with career options available in the field of veterinary medicine and to facilitate their application to professional school. In addition, this group hopes to foster fellowship among students who share similar goals and friendships.  

Anyone with an interest in veterinary medicine and/or related fields is invited to come and participate in any of our activities. Follow us on Facebook.


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Pre-Vet Club Events & Activites

Carnival of Clubs:  This event gives students a chance to view all of the clubs they will have the opportunity to join. Pre-vet club hosts a booth where freshman Animal Science students can learn more about the club, meet the officers, and learn about future meetings.

Volunteer Opportunities: The Pre-vet club offers many opportunities to get involved with the community. Both the Fayetteville and Washington County Animal Shelters request volunteers frequently. In past years, club members have been able to help out with the Pet Wellness Expo, Subaru “Share the Love” Event, Spay Arkansas, and events with the Animal League of Washington County.

Guest Speakers: Each year, guest speakers come visit the campus to meet with the students of the club. In previous years, the club has hosted for current Veterinarians, Alumni, Vet school admissions officers, and even recruiters for study abroad programs. Meetings such as these offer students a closer look on applying to vet school and helping to make the most out of your college years before starting the VMCAS application.

Suture Lab/Job opportunities: Students that are eager to get some hands-on experience within the industry, the club offers the suture lab and also job postings from around the community. The suture lab gives students the opportunity of learning how to suture using “skin-like” materials for a realistic experience. Not only that, but clinics and shelters from around the community contact the Pre-vet club looking for potential hardworking students ready to gain some experience within the veterinary field.

Travel Opportunities and the APVMA Symposium: Each year, the APVMA Symposium is hosted by a Veterinary school and gives students in the Pre-vet club a chance to travel and attend the symposium and be apart of Veterinary lectures and labs, as well as meet current veterinarians within the industry. There are also other chances for travel as well. For example, students last year were able to attend the Oklahoma State Veterinary School Open house.


Useful Links

The following are some great websites to browse that contain useful information for anyone interested in attending veterinary school or in any aspect of veterinary medicine.

The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges coordinates the affairs of the 27 U.S. Veterinary Medical Colleges, four Canadian Colleges of Veterinary Medicine, Departments of Veterinary Science, Comparative Medicine and national animal medical centres. The goal of the AAVMC is to improve the quality of human and animal life. Click on the link below to find out more about this organization.

The American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association, APVMA, is dedicated to promote and stimulate interest in the field of veterinary medicine and to provide its members with sources of information regarding sister clubs and the field of veterinary medicine.  This website is a great place to visit if you are a pre-vet student or thinking about becoming one.

The Veterinary Medical College Application Service, VMCAS, now handles the application process completely.  The application is posted online beginning in late May/Early June and due by October 1st (dates may change but are posted on the page).  This application is sent by VMCAS to each of the vet schools the student selects.  For each individual vet school, there is a supplemental application which can be obtained by going on the individual school's web page.  The applying student does not have to go to the coordinator of veterinary medicine.  GRE, GRE subject test and VCAT applications are obtained by going to Testing Services in Hotz Hall.  Visit the following website for information on how to apply electronically to veterinary schools within the U.S. or Canada. You can also visit this website to download and print a copy of the paper application.

The Arkansas Department of Higher Education has a grant program, Arkansas Health Education Grant Program which provides financial assistance to students who are Arkansas residents seeking professional training in chiropractic medicine, dentistry, optometry, osteopathic medicine, podiatric medicine, and veterinary medicine to allow them to attend out-of-state institutions.  These applications can be obtained online ( )