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Ken Coffey

Ken Coffey


Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Director Experiment Station

(ANSC)-Animal Science

Phone: 479-575-2112

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To optimize production and economic efficiency by cows consuming forages that are either prevalent or have potential to become prevalent in Arkansas.

To evaluate methods of improving forage utilization by ruminants.

ANSC 3152 Applied Animal Nutrition
ANSC 3151L Applied Animal Nutrition Lab
ANSC 5253 Advanced Livestock Production (with Dr. Rosenkrans)
ANSC 6253 Forage Ruminant relations with Dr. Philipp

PhD degree in 1986 from the University of Missouri – Research emphasis - Ruminant Nutrition

MS degree in 1983 from the Univiversity of Kentucky – Research emphasis - Ruminant Nutrition

BS degree in 1980 from the University of Tennessee – Major, Animal Science



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