eye to eye with a horseEquine Assisted Therapy (ANSC 410V – Fall)

This interdisciplinary course introduces students to the field of equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT). Topics include:

Equine behavior and physiology
Different client populations utilizing EAAT
Practical experience in applications of an EAAT program
Hands on demos will reinforce concepts from lecture

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Student Whitley Van corners a calf

Ranch Horse Riding (ANSC 410V)

 Learn how to ride and train competitive ranch horse
The U of A Ranch Horse Team is selected from members of this class
Opportunities the compete around the state and nation
Advocate for the working ranch horse





 Survey of the Thoroughbred Industry (ANSC 4173 - Alternate Spring Semesters)

Students study the Thoroughbred industry in depth, with focus on:  

Bloodlines and breeding
Nicking patterns
Equine industry opportunities available to students upon graduation
Oaklawn racetrack tour in Hot Springs includes meeting with track officials, jockeys, trainers
See horses destined to run in the Kentucky Derby
Experience a day at the races
Opportunity to tour the inner workings of Kentucky Thoroughbred horse farms


 Judging Team observes horse in the arenaEquine Selection and Evaluation (ANSC 3072)

Learn criteria for evaluation and selection of breeding and show horses
Gain expertise in the evaluation of breed types and show ring characteristics
This class prepares students to participate in horse judging team activities

Advanced Equine Selection and Evaluation (ANSC 4072)

Horse judging team members come from this course
Students compete at collegieate judging competitions, gain  skills in horse industry and presentation/ speaking ability

Introduction to the Equine Industry (Spring - ANSC 2003)

This class presents basic equine science and industry information, including:

Knowledge of horse breeds, types, and colors
Natural behavior, anatomy, and unsoundness of feet and legs
Types of tack and equipment
Nutrition and health care
Evaluation, selection, and responsibilities of ownership
Vocabulary unique to the industry


Introduction to Horsemanship (Spring and Fall Semester - ANSC 2303)

In this hands-on class, students will learn:

Psychology and ethology (the study of innate behavior) of equine social behavior
Application of fundamental behavioral concepts while training their project horse
Modification of behavior through the progressive changing of behavior
How to develop an individual training program and professional training journal
Proven equine training techniques for safe, non-traumatic learning for horse and trainer 




Horse and Livestock Merchandising (Fall - ANSC 3723)

Students in this class will learn:                                                           

Evaluation of various types of merchandising programs for specific livestock enterprises
Merchandising and promotion for various livestock enterprises
Philosophy of recognized leaders in the field of livestock merchandising
How to advertise, manage, and conduct a livestock event



 Horse Production (Spring - ANSC 4280 + LAB)

A Junior/Senior level class devoted to: 

Management and ground handling of horses, broodmares and foals
Common domestic equine reproductive methods  
Genetics, evaluation and selection criteria for breeding horses
Effective feeding and health programs for various classes of horses
Developing a system of record keeping, both financial and management
Equine anatomy of hooves and legs as they relate to locomotion and soundness