Animal Science

ANSC Flyer

Megan McMillin - "EAAT has taught me that just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you have to be limited in what you can do. Through EAAT anything can be achieved and it can make a huge impact on the community if we let it."

 Megan McAllister - "After years of hearing about how helpful horses can be to those with physical and mental disabilities I finally got to witness it first hand. Not only did I watch horses affect the lives of others, I felt them affect my own life as well."

April O. - "It became more than just a class for me. The volunteer hours changed the way I thought about myself, and the way I felt about horses."

Brooke D. - "I was touched by the children and horses at Equestrian Bridges! I plan to volunteer at an EAAT agency in the future."

 Rachel W. - "I've learned so much in this class, but overall the most valuable is probably that this field is so broad and so revolutionary that there are endless possibilities if you want to make a difference doing equine assisted therapy."