Admissions and Requirements for Veterinary School

Pre-vet students take a science-oriented program typically leading to a BS degree in Animal Science.  In addition to the chemistry, biology and other science courses in the pre-professional curriculum, our department offers several classes specifically designed to better prepare students for veterinary school and for a successful practice afterward. These include parasitology, companion animal management, animal diseases, animal behavior, animal nutrition, animal genetics, many equine science courses, cow-calf production, stocker/feedlot production, and other animal science courses.

Four year plan showing suggested classes for pre-veterinary students


While it is possible to complete requirements for admission to some colleges of veterinary medicine in two years, most students take three years or four to complete the requirements and most complete B.S. degrees before being admitted. Students who carefully plan their work may complete a B.S. degree by transferring hours completed in the first two years in an accredited college of veterinary medicine back to the University of Arkansas, provided they complete certain degree requirements at the University prior to entering a school or college of veterinary medicine. These students must complete approximately 100 hours of the 120-hour program of prescribed courses.


To earn the professional degree, a student must complete the pre-veterinary medicine requirements and the four-year prescribed curriculum in one of the colleges of veterinary medicine.  Requirements for each individual veterinary school can be accessed here:

Arkansas does not have a veterinary school in-state; however, the Arkansas Legislative Assembly authorized funds to help cover out-of-state tuition expenses for Arkansas residents pursuing a doctorate in veterinary medicine. The Arkansas Department of Higher Education is authorized to administer the program. Contracts have been negotiated through the Board of Control for Southern Regional Education for doctorates of veterinary medicine at Louisiana State University (LSU) and at Tuskegee University. Arrangements have also been made with the University of Missouri and Oklahoma State University. Under the provisions of the legislation, only citizens of Arkansas are eligible. More information about the program can be found here:

The Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences is always ready to assist students in fulfilling their pre-veterinary medicine requirements.