Research & Facilities

The Department conducts a comprehensive research program serving the needs of the people of the State of Arkansas and the nation. Principal fields include Nutrition, Physiology, Genetics, Parasitology and Meat Science. 

Research is conducted at three locations in Arkansas - on and near the main campus in Fayetteville, at the Batesville Research Station in Northeast Arkansas and the Southwest Research and Extension Center at Hope. 


Agricultural Food and Life Sciences Building 

The Agriculture, Food and Life Science Building located on campus is home to the department. Faculty and graduate student offices, and laboratories are located here. A new laboratory equipped for cooking and sensory evaluation, Instron, microbiology lab and a lab equipped with 40 linear feet of retail display case are dedicated to the meats program.  An elaborate core laboratory is available  in the Poultry Science Building.


Northwest Arkansas Research and Extension Center

located one mile from the campus


The Pauline Whitaker Animal Science Center

pauline whitaker animal science center

The Pauline Whitaker Animal Science Center is located one mile north of the campus.  

  • 100 x 250 ft. riding arena with seating for 750
  • three classrooms
  • 2500 square foot foyer
  • Conference room
  • 10,000 sq. ft. show barn with 25 pens, scales, squeeze chute and washing and drying area (located adjacent to the arena)


The Dorothy E. King Equine Pavilion

 dorothy e king equine pavilion

The Dorothy E. King Equine Pavilion is located adjacent to the arena .

  • Teaching areas
  • 10 stalls for horses
  • 150 x 250 foot lighted outdoor arena
  • Pastures


The Red Meat Abattoir

red meat abattoir

Located one-half mile from the arena

The Red Meat Abattoir has capability for the harvest process of beef, pork and lamb, cooler rooms, cutting room, freezers and equipment for most routine processing of red meats. Other processing facilities and taste panel rooms are used in cooperation with the Department of Poultry Science and Food Science.


The Animal Science Feed Mill

This building is FDA licensed and manufactures feeds for the Department's herds. Pelleted feeds in small or large batches can be manufactured.


Digestion and Metabolism

Located adjacent to the feed mill

  • 20 expanded metal pens for pigs, sheep, and small calves
  • 20 PVC plastic sheep metabolism stalls
  • 12 individual cattle stalls capable of handling calves up to 500 lbs



The Physiology Farm

Located four miles west of campus, comprised of 240 acres

Houses the facilities for embryo transfer and parasitology research. Sample preparation labs and cattle handling facilities are also at the unit. 



The Savoy Research Unit

 university of arkansas savoy research unit 

Located 10 miles west of campus

Cow/Calf Research Unit

  • 250 cows grazing several hundred acres
  • Handling facilities
  • Replicated small pastures


Stocker Cattle Receiving and Back-grounding Unit

  • 16 semi-confinement pens
  • 16 one-acre grass lots


Swine Research and Teaching Center

university of arkansas swine farm

  • management facilities similar to industry conditions
  • 3 site production
    • growing and finishing 
    • farrowing
    • off-site nursery
  • 130 sows

This center has extensive livestock inventories and facilities for management similar to industry conditions, such as a growing and finishing unit built in 2001 and a remodeled farrowing and nursery unit. Three-site production, including an off-site nursery, located close to campus is available. Farrow to finish production includes 130 sows and their offspring as well as outside pigs for the off-site nursery.



Research Stations Across the State

Southwest Research and Extension Station - Hope

Located in Southwest Arkansas, about four hours south of Fayetteville

  • Stocker Unit
    • 115 acres (divided into 45 acre pastures for replicated research)
    • 12 pen feedlot facility (200 head capacity)
  • Cow-Calf Unit
    • 253 acres
    • equipped with automated watering devices 
    • 20 pasture replications are possible
  • Livestock Handling facility
  • 12 sorting pens
  • Forage & Nutrition lab

Livestock & Forestry Research Station - Batesville Station 

Located in Northeast Arkansas, about four hours east of Fayetteville and two hours north of Little Rock

  • 1200 acres with 250 cows
  • 2 areas with 20-25 replicated 
  • 160 acre stocker unit
    • replicated pastures