Clubs and Organizations



The ASGSA shall serve to enhance and encourage cooperation and association among the graduate students within the Department of Animal Science.

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Block and Bridle Club

This club aims to  foster the interests of animal science among students and is affiliated with the National Block and Bridle Club.

Equine judging team

Equine Judging Team

This program provides students an opportunity to learn various evaluation techniques that aid in developing deeper knowledge of the equine industry.

Livestock Juding Team

Livestock Judging Team

This program teaches students a variety of critical skills through the development of judging techniques and participation in various competitions.

Meats quiz bowl team

Meats Quiz Bowl Team

This team provides a competitive learning environment for students to enhance their knowledge while further developing various skills and techniques.

Pre-vet club

Pre-Veterinary Club

This organization aims to familiarize students with career options available in veterinary medicine and to facilitate their application to professional school.  

Ranch horse team

Ranch Horse Team

This program is designed to teach students the principles of training and showing a horse with the opportunity to practice and/or compete in events.



The REPS mission is to represent, educate and promote scholars within the Department of Animal Science by providing a positive student perspective.